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Nitra’s house is set on fire with her and Monty in it. This fire could have dire consequences. Will they make it out without being gravely hurt?


Kevin isn’t happy about the affair and does things that Nitra would have never believed he was capable of. Missy is also outraged and she is going down a destructive path. Things could get dangerous in this circle of scorned lovers. Tasha is trying to be a rock for her mother after a joyous occasion turned bad. Her sister needs her too but when Tyvonna’s world is torn apart, Ty needs her to be his rock. She has to be there for her fiancé and his daughter but still gets pulled into her family’s drama. Will she be able to be there for everyone and remain sane?


Sandy and Lee find their way back together after Lee is in grave danger and she risks everything to save him. Rescuing him leads to a trail of danger for her and she finds herself doing unthinkable things and taking immense risks. Lee vows to protect her and make things right but will he be able to?

Love, Sex, and the Single Mom 3

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