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Last year was a roller coaster ride full of drama for Tasha but she prays that things go smooth this year, especially with a new baby. She and Tyvon still plan to get married but will her secret affair from last year and Terry questioning the baby’s paternity ruin everything for them and their new life together?


Sandy and Darrin are dealing with Darrin’s ex-wife, Lisa, being in town. Their divorce is pending but when Lee hooks up with Lisa and starts making money in the drug world, he compensates Sandy for not being there for her financially in the past. Darrin doesn’t like this and Lee and Lisa team up to cause a world of trouble for Sandy and Darrin. Will their relationship survive the interferences and sabotage?


Nitra isn’t happy at home. She feels Kevin is working too much and their relationship is lacking romance and affection. Kevin feels that he is doing what he has to do to provide for his family but promises to make things better. When he doesn’t slow down on working, Nitra begins to go out more. She meets a friend that changes her world forever and brings a whirlwind of drama in her life! Will their relationships last with all the drama, lies and betrayal in their world?

Love, Sex, and the Single Mom 2

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