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A bad accident could leave Kenny dead or near death. Deja hasn’t heard from him so she thinks he chose not to come rekindle their relationship. Devastated, she gets an unlikely new friend. With so much going on with Kenny, his sister Gina is still determined to make Deja’s life hell. If Kenny makes it, can their relationship get through all the drama and interference?

Dealing with Cordell in jail, Sasha is stressed out and lonely. With Cash popping back up in her life, it makes things even more complicated for her. Will Sasha give her and Cordell’s relationship another chance? Is their relationship strong enough to overcome the many obstacles thrown at them? Or will she end up with Cash?

Relationships are hard work. With family and other intrusions getting in the way, can Sasha and Deja make their relationships last?

F Your Family 2

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