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Sasha reconnects with her old lover Cordell, after many years. At first things seem perfect and they both fall happily in love. When they take their relationship further and get serious, Sasha notices how his family is always demanding things from him. With so many of Cordell’s family in his business, Sasha begins to feel she isn’t number one in his life anymore and can’t deal with. Cordell gets in trouble and he will find out who is there when he needs them the most. Is it Sasha or his family?

Deja is Sasha’s good friend. She’s been with her man, Kenny, since high school. Their relationship is great but after Kenny’s mom dies, he feels obligated to take care of his married sister Gina. At first Deja is able to ignore Gina’s nagging but when she takes things too far and Kenny gets in trouble for his sister, Deja puts her foot down. Will Kenny choose his sister or the mother of his daughter?

Through all the drama and messiness, Sasha and Deja have each other to lean on. Will their relationships work with jealous and meddling family in it? Or will it all fall apart?

F Your Family

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