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Keisha lives in a rough neighborhood and stays with her grandmother because her mom is in the streets and on drugs. Despite everything, she still makes good grades and remains a virgin. Senior year in high school, she meets Chad. Chad is a charming street guy and he loves her innocence. They fall in love and she lets him take her virginity. She has dreams of going to college in another town but she soon discovers that loving Chad involves drama and other women in his life. It doesn’t involve following her dreams. Her life slowly spirals out of control and is filled with fights and drama with other woman and Chad continually disrespecting. Will he finally man up and be the man he promised to be? Or, will she ultimately allow him to drive her crazy? 

Tina is Keisha’s best friend. As a child, Tina was molested which made her think being promiscuous was the norm. High school was tough for Tina but Keisha was always by her side. When she finally hooks up with Jon, a guy she’d had a crush on for many years, things seem to go good. But, when she goes to jail for trying to sell his drugs, he abandons her. Feeling worthless, she turns to a guy who ends up having her selling herself for money. Caught up in the prostitution life, she nearly winds up dead when she tries to leave. Will she be able to escape the street life? Or, is she stuck for good?

Driving Me Crazy

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