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Tired of the abuse, Fawn finally decides to leave Marlon. Will it last? This is her first time being on her own. It will either break her or make her. Dealing with co-parenting and dating other people, she and Marlon have a turmoil filled relationship that leads to a lot of up and downs. Fawn’s choice of men seem to get her in trouble. Marlon’s new girlfriend is a selfish gold-digger but he seems to be the only one who doesn’t see it. 

Marlon’s brother Jason is up to his old ways with stealing and doing drugs. He ends up abandoning his wife. His addictions alienate him from his entire family. Anger and jealousy take over and he wreaks havoc.


Fawn’s sister Tracy is over her head. Partying and men are still her priority. Sheri is dealing with marriage issues and it’s taking a toll on her. When their mom becomes sick, the sisters have to be there for her and each other. A situation like this can bring them closer or tear them apart. 


The lives of Fawn, Marlon and their family will take you on a jolting ride. It will play on your emotions because you can feel all that they endure.

Beaten by Love 2

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