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Fawn met the love of her life, Marlon, in high school. They fell in love and got married young. Happily in love, they started a beautiful family. Subsequently, Marlon loses his corporate job and Fawn soon learns there’s a dark side to Marlon and his family. Marlon’s dad Rex is involved in some risky business while his brother is slowly becoming a drug addict. They all have a way with handling their women and Fawn starts to believe their behavior is normal. Loving her husband, Fawn gets drawn into her new life and her sisters are along for the jarring ride. Things become hurtful, emotionally and physically and Fawn is confused as to what is real love and what is real pain. Unintentionally, Fawn gets caught up in a sticky situation. Her life slowly spirals out of control and becomes filled with lies, cheating and abuse. Will Fawn let love beat her down?

Beaten by Love

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