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Eva moves to a new town. She’s excited to start her new career and meet new people.

Becoming friends with her neighbor, Heidi, made her transition much easier. Things take a harsh

turn when one of their neighbors is murdered. Now the tenants are wondering who did it and

why. With the murder mystery and other weird things happening, Eva doesn’t know what to

believe or who to trust

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Love, Sex, and the Single Mom

This book is very good and it could happen to anyone. I like how relatable the characters are. I enjoy the women finding love after not being treated right the first time. It in a way gives you hope you can let go and find something better. The ending to the story I cannot wait to know more

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Praise & Reviews

Driving Me Crazy

Well, well, well. This is my first book read by Sultana and I’m pleasantly impressed. I love the writing style as it was an easy read and the plot had me flipping page by page. I just couldn’t put it down! I could definitely relate to that toxic love that will have you do crazy things. I loved this book and look forward to reading more from this author


Beaten By Love

This series kept my attention from beginning to end. Could not wait to start the next book. Job well done


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